Increasing its market share by 40.9 percent as of the second quarter of this year, Huawei became the world’s top selling phone brand after Samsung . When we look at the list of 5 brands, the fourth and fifth ranks are Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo. This rise of Chinese brands is not limited to Huawei. For example, Xiaomi also increased its market share by 48.8 percent on an annual basis. In Oppo, this figure is 5.1 percent. So the increase in Oppo is not as high as other brands.Honor brand also contributes.

Honor , the sub-brand of Huawei , has also contributed to reaching these figures . Because the figures from the models of this brand are added to the sales. Huawei maintains its second seat in terms of both sales and market share. Although Samsung is quite ahead in terms of sales, it looks ahead by 5 points in terms of market share. While there is not much difference between Apple and Huawei , Xiaomi , which ranks fourth, is well below these two brands. It seems that Chinese brands are coming pretty fast and trying to push their opponents and even delete them from the market.

The Chinese are coming fast.When we look at the list, it is seen that Chinese brands are coming fast. Because three of the 5 brands are based in China. Others, among others, are probably Chinese brands, but for now they are not listed by name. The information provided by the figures is that Chinese brands will push the top positions even more in the coming years. In other words , it seems that Chinese brands will take Samsung out of their seats for 1-2 years . On the other hand, even though the phone sales are monopolized by Chinese brands, we can say that Apple is still ahead of its competitors in terms of revenue and profitability .

By pullman

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